our program

Apple Seed offers a developmentally rich, play based preschool program designed for children ages 2 – 5 years old. One of the benefits of a mixed age classroom is that as your child grows and develops, our program will also grow and develop to meet their current needs – both academically and creatively as well as socially and physically. Looking for the “A-ha!” moments in a child’s day is where learning really takes off! Through those moments, we can inspire them through language, art, science, music, dance, math and the world around us.

Without question, play is the primary focus of a child’s day, while one of ours is to infuse their play with intellectual integrity. Throughout our day the children are provided opportunities in both large and small group play. Small groups allow us to divide the children by developmental stages, providing us with the time to focus a little more concretely on specific skill sets. Our large group play and circle times not only offer the opportunity to engage in a variety of activities, but also the opportunity for each child to be both nurtured and the nurturer while they are here at Apple Seed.