our philosophy

We believe that there is no one teaching method that is best for children. We have so much more to offer children and families when we borrow from experts in the field (Reggio-Emilia; Piaget; Montessori; etc.), take the time and space to get to know the children in our care, and then combine it all to adapt our program to meet each child’s needs – both as an individual, and within the group. It is an easy thing to lay claim to, but it is such a genuine part of all that is Apple Seed.

One of the ways we help to nurture and support this philosophy is by remaining a small, home based preschool. There really is a reason that formal education begins at age five: that is when it is developmentally appropriate for children to be in a larger group setting. Before that, the more familial the setting, the more comfortable children are and the more open they are to new experiences and learning! As teachers it is our job to recognize when a child is ready for a stretch in learning. By using our knowledge as educators combined with our connection with your child, we can bring out activities to match &/or challenge their current skill set. For some children that may be bringing out the color cans to play a “what’s missing” game, while for others it may be bringing out groups of letters and trying to figure out how to squish which ones together to make words. Our goal is to foster a love of learning in each child, by keeping them engaged and excited about the world around them.