about our director

One quote says it all:

“To work with kids and always enjoy my life.”… that was me, my senior year in high school (many moons ago), sharing my life plans. I have always known that working with children, being present with and for them, is paramount to my being. While I am teaching and (hopefully!) inspiring them, they are teaching and inspiring me as well (we never really stop learning, do we?). I have been fortunate to work with children for over 25 years in a variety of capacities…

During the six years I was with the City of El Cerrito, I began as an assistant teacher and worked my way up to Childcare Coordinator, helping to create their before and after school programs. Upon leaving the City of El Cerrito, I began my career working with preschool children. Prior to opening Apple Seed, my ten years in the field of Early Childhood Education included experiences as Lead Preschool Teacher, Assistant Director, and Director. I’ve worked in both small (max. of 40 children per day) and large (120+ children per day) childcare centers, using those opportunities to continuously learn about children, and what they need to grow and thrive.

One of the benefits of working with children (aside from getting to laugh every single day!), is that I get to continue learning and growing right along with them, further defining and enriching the philosophy of Apple Seed. I am forever amazed, dazzled and inspired by children – and thrilled with the opportunity to share this with others!

~ Jen Gonzales