about apple seed

Apple Seed evolved out of a desire to create something really special in the preschool world. A preschool that was not only a fantastic place for kids, but for the teachers and parents as well. A community where we could all laugh, grow and learn together how to best raise these terrific, unique little humans.

With this in mind, one winter night in January, 2007, I gathered my closest friends, the ones who know all that children mean to me, for a “Name Jen’s Preschool” dinner party. It was a fun way to brainstorm – and alleviate some of the pressure (what if I chose the wrong name?!). While visiting and chatting, I shared the following inspirations for me as a teacher:

A quote:

“Why not go out on a limb? That’s where the fruit is.”

This quote (credited to both Will Rogers and Mark Twain), and what it means to me, is the primary inspiration behind the creation of Apple Seed Little School.

What I fondly refer to as “The Three C’s”:

Confidence, Courage & Compassion… the things I wish most to teach and inspire in children.

And how the two work together:

Sometimes in life we are going to need to be bold, or take a risk… go out on a limb. In fact, living life fully, day to day is going out on a limb! I believe that in order for people, both young and old, to be able to go out on that limb, they need a solid foundation that teaches and supports in them confidence courage and compassion. It is with these three qualities that we thrive and grow as individuals – and as a community.

There are a lot of things a child needs from this world in order to feel confident, courageous and compassionate To begin with, they need people in their lives that are themselves confident, courageous and compassionate. Confident enough to guide without dimming, courageous enough to “have their back” (even in the middle of a tantrum!), and compassionate enough to see it all through a child’s eyes with an abundance of empathy.

And so… with a lot of work and love, my beautiful little school was born. It is filled with confidence, courage and compassion, all infused with love and joy, on a daily basis.

~ Jen Gonzales, Director of Apple Seed Little School